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Transform your driveway with Driveway Surfacing Solutions, your trusted partner in creating elegant, durable, and versatile driveways. With over a decade of experience, we offer a wide range of surfacing options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of asphalt, the resilience of concrete, or the unique charm of decorative gravel, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-tier services, ensuring every project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact Driveway Surfacing Solutions today and discover the difference a beautifully surfaced driveway can make to your home’s curb appeal and value.

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As a surfacing contractor with nearly 30 years of experience, we strongly prioritise quality. We ensure to instil this value in all our staff, making our services not only high-quality but also reliable. Through this commitment, our business has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, and respect. Each member of our team is dedicated to getting things done right the first time, ensuring optimal results for every project.

With our long experience in driveways and closely working alongside Surrey County Council and West Sussex County Council as approved contractors we have listed at the bottom of the page some genuinely frequently asked questions to help guide you but if there are any questions you would like answered please get in touch and we will be glad to help.


With over 2 decades of experience in block paving driveways, you can be sure your driveway will last the test of time.

As an experienced driveway contractor, we can advise on the best solution to turn your driveway into a stunning focal point for your home.

Using the latest techniques our professional team will provide a block paved driveway that will last the test of time in both functionality and looks.

We have a variety of styles and colours of blocks that we can show you and give you a clear idea of what will truly enhance your property.

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Over the decades, Kane Construction Services has benefited greatly from return business and word of mouth. This is because we put the customer first and provide transparent and bespoke services for you. We’ve developed a reputation for honest, personable advice and high-quality products.Therefore to ensure that all our work is carried out to the required standards, we are ISO 9001 and Construction Online accredited surfacing contractors, as well as members of Construction Line.
When you choose us, you are guaranteed professionalism at every stage.

Residential Construction Projects

The residential construction projects we regularly carry out range from resin bound and block paving driveways to patios and sports courts. Because we are a registered and trusted contractor with Surrey and West Sussex councils we carry out the dropped kerbs and crossover

Commercial Groundworks

Kane Construction carry out a range of commercial construction projects. Most noteworthy are the large area tarmac surfacing projects such as road surfacing, car park surfacing, playground surfacing, and more. We are able to do this due to our ownership of industry-leading equipment.

Civil Engineering

Our specialist Civil engineering team guarantee that all building and construction projects are carried out to the finest detail. Above all we work closely with the client to gain trust and confidence and to complete construction projects on time and on budget.


Tarmac refers to a certain type of material manufactured by the Tarmac company so although Tarmac is a well know and used word, a driveway contractor will normally use Tarmacadam, Bitmac or Asphalt to describe this type of surface.

Tarmac driveways are usually cheaper than block paving driveways to lay, particularly on larger areas. Where block paving may have an advantage is on smaller more trickier areas to work on.

Both require a solid base to work on but tarmac surfacing can be installed a lot quicker than a block paved driveway.

As a result, the choice of whether to go block paving or Tarmacadam is down to how quickly you want the driveway laid and how you want the driveway to look.

Block paving will give you a lot more options aesthetically.


Resin Bound System

Resin bound has become the preferred surfacing solution for surfacing contractors across the nation. This system entails the application of a durable layer of mixed resin onto either a new or pre-existing bitmac or concrete base. Its reliability and effectiveness have made it a sought-out solution in the industry.

  • Flat finish with no loose gravel.
  • Strong and durable and will remain so for many years thanks to its low maintenance needs.
  • Allows water to pass through to the ground beneath.
  • Providing it is laid onto a permeable base, a resin bound system is a SUDS compliant solution.
  • Precise and flexible, allowing you to create stunning designs and shapes that would not be possible with other surface solutions.

Kane Construction endorses the resin bound system as the superior and most enduring aggregate-based surface solution available today. Its comprehensive range of strengths, resistances, structural, and aesthetic advantages are unmatched by any other system providing a beautiful resin driveway.

Resin Bonded System

The resin bonded system involves spreading resin across a base and scattering aggregate into it. This method results in most of the aggregate adhering to the resin while some remains loose, creating the desired loose-gravel look.

  • Because the aggregates are scattered on to a complete layer of resin, water cannot pass through; this means a resin bonded system is not porous.
  • A resin bonded system is not a SUDS compliant solution.

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As you step into the world of Driveway Surfacing Solutions, you step into a world of superior quality, incredible variety, and dedicated service.

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Cared Kalekeni
Cared Kalekeni
Great team work I would like to join the team
paul murray
paul murray
Went out of their way to build a shed base in my garden. A family built business that caters for all construction tasks that helped us out at short notice. Well done guys.👍
Siobhan Fahy-Murray
Siobhan Fahy-Murray
Ian Cuddihy
Ian Cuddihy
Tom is a gentleman and produces a high quality standard all of the time
Aisling Datta
Aisling Datta
Kane Construction Services undertook a driveway project and some fencing for us. We were thoroughly impressed with Tom & his team from start to finish. The team were really polite and kept us informed each day of what works were going to be complete and the project came in on time and on budget. We are going to get the team back to complete our patio and gardens works next year. Would highly recommend.
Charlie Wood
Charlie Wood
Unbelievable finish!!
Dilith Nanayakkara
Dilith Nanayakkara
Kane Construction transformed our driveway with exceptional block paving work. Their attention to detail and professionalism exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend!
Toby Raeburn
Toby Raeburn
These guys did an amazing job on my driveway, have been recommending them to everyone since!
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts
I have a small property management company and have used KCS for many years. Tom and his team always deliver, very reliable and great quality of work. Would highly recommend.
Brandon Winchester
Brandon Winchester
The team was very helpful with my driveway resurfacing project. Being both efficient and professional throughout. Strongly recommend

Types Of Driveways That We Provide


Opting for a Resin driveway translates to opting for an effortlessly maintained driveway surface, producing breathtaking outcomes that amplify your home's visual allure and aesthetic appeal.


Our seasoned squad of tarmac driveway experts utilise industry-leading equipment and materials to ensure that your driveway surface exceeds expectations. Tarmac is a durable and long-lasting option for your driveway.


Opting for an asphalt driveway means choosing a low-maintenance surface that enhances your home's visual allure and aesthetic charm with remarkable results.

Block Paving

Elevate your property's elegance and worth with Kane Construction's premium block paving driveway surfacing. We use both modern and traditional techniques to ensure you get the very best driveway every time.

Driveway Surfacing Solutions – FAQ’s

Tarmac and block paved driveways – FAQ’s

Depending on size of area, small areas of block paving circa 25m2 are normally cheaper than tarmac as waiting time for lorries, part load charges, plant and amount of labour required to get it down quick normally will make block paving the cheaper option for this size of an area.

Saying that, if there are other works we are doing in tarmac on the same day the cost can be spread over other works we are undertaking in the area.

We can get more done quickly if the job can wait till we have other work in the area at the same time.

There are various ways of undertaking this depending on the desired finish.

Resin bound gravel, porous block paving, open graded tarmac all have an element of letting the water through.

This removes some of the fine aggregate binding the material together and therefore with tarmac will break up easier than close graded.

This all depends on taste, in some cases clients can choose a product which could be £80 per m2 or £12 per m2 which at the end of the day if you have the money and you want that finish you are happy with, that is what we will lay.

There is a fine art to getting everything 100% but once it is done, time will always tell if the job is bad or good.

Resin driveways – FAQ’s

A resin bound system is a surfacing solution that results from mixing resin and aggregates together in a forced action mixer. This creates a mixture that can be trowelled on to a surface to provide a smooth, flat finish.

A resin bound system is also known as ‘stone carpet’. Its seamless finish provides a decorative surface that is attractive and durable.

Because of the way it is mixed, allowing for small gaps between aggregates, a resin bound system is permeable. This means it is also a SUDS compliant solution.

The Resin Bound system can be overlaid to existing or new concrete or tarmac to create beautiful driveways, paths, car parks or any light traffic surfaces.

The Resin Bound System is a way of laying a hard wearing course of mixed resin onto a new or existing bitmac or concrete base. The main benefits of a resin bound system are

  • Flat finish with no loose gravel.
  • Strong and durable and will remain so for many years thanks to its low maintenance needs.
  • Allows water to pass through to the ground beneath.
  • Providing it is laid onto a permeable base, a resin bound system is a SUDS compliant solution.
  • Precise and flexible, allowing you to create stunning designs and shapes that would not be possible with other surface solutions.

The Resin bonded system is where the resin is spread across the base, and the aggregate is scattered into it. Most of the aggregate will adhere to the resin, while some will remain loose. This gives the appearance of loose gravel.

  • Because the aggregates are scattered on to a complete layer of resin, water cannot pass through; this means a resin bonded system is not porous.
  • A resin bonded system is not a SUDS compliant solution.

The cost of a resin driveway including excavation, cart away, membrane, 150mm type one, 50mm of 10mm open graded and 18mm of resin bound gravel can be circa £100 per m2 depending on size. The larger the size normally the price per m2 can come down.

Resin driveways are usually available to walk on after 8 hours.

We recommend that you do not drive any vehicles on to the new driveway until after 48 hours to give enough time for it to set correctly.

No. Weather conditions such as rain, humidity, dew, wet aggregate or any other ground moisture can present a big danger to your Resin Bound system. Moisture and resin react together instantly, producing gas bubbles which will appear as foam or clouding within the resin. It is critical that you avoid moisture at all costs.

Also the ground / surface must be dry before laying.

When Resin bound driveways,are laid down it’s smoothed into a layer 15-20mm thick with the appearance of gravel. This type of resin driveway is limited in surface texture and can be slippery when icy or wet but is porous so there shouldn’t be much water on the surface.

Resin Bound driveways are permeable, allowing water to pass through to the ground below.
It is SUDS compliant.

Resin bonded driveways are impermeable so they require drainage to be considered.
It is non SUDS compliant.

Resin bound driveways are easy to clean. A pressure washer or garden hose can be used. Just be careful not to use hot water as this can affect the resin.

As Resin Bound driveways are porous, they allow water to drain away easily. They are SUDS compliant (Sustainable Drainage System) and as such do not require planning permission.

SUDS is the Sustainable Urban Drainage System.

Most natural ground surfaces like grass and soil allow water to soak through. In residential and urban areas, materials like tarmac and paving require drainage solutions to be compliant with regulations.

To prevent surface run off causing flooding and water pollution the Environment Agency enforces the SUDS regulations.

SUDS regulations are one of the reasons resin bound systems have become increasingly popular; they are designed to be permeable and can be used in accordance with SUDS building regulations. Even if you do not live in an urban or built up area, a resin bound driveway is highly encouraged to prevent flooding.

Download the Environment Agency guidelines here

No. Because concrete can expand this would cause the resin bonded surface to move and crack also.

The main aspect of any driveway is the excavation. Then undertaking a soak away, adding an earth separation, weed suppressant, ground stabilisation (membrane) these are the basics in ensuring a good long lasting sub base.

Once this is installed at the correct level and the correct Type one recycled or quarried material is in rolled and compacted to the correct compaction rate. What you have as a finish is up to you.

There are no shortcuts for the most effective driveway without impacting on quality but the quickest and cheapest driveway is shingle, which can cover a large area quickly at 30mm to 50mm deep max.

This however means that foxes, cats etc will find your driveway a nice place to leave little present and any cigarette ends or litter can be a nuisance to pick out.

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