Kane Construction

1000m2 Tarmac Road – Woldingham

Our team at Kane Construction was presented with the task of replacing a 1000m2 stretch of road in the scenic village of Woldingham, Surrey. The project required us to collaborate closely with local authorities, residents, and utility companies to ensure minimal disruption to the community during construction.

The road replacement project in Woldingham involved complete tarmac surfacing of a 1000m2 section of road, which had deteriorated over time and needed urgent attention. Our team recognised the significance of this project for the village’s infrastructure and the importance of delivering a high-quality solution.

To ensure a smooth and efficient execution, we prioritised minimal disruption for various members of the community, including local authorities, residents, and utility companies. 

We understood the impact that road surfacing could have on the daily lives of residents and the environment. Therefore, we implemented a comprehensive plan to minimise disruption throughout the construction process. This plan included scheduling the work during less busy periods, providing alternate routes for traffic, and ensuring proper signage and communication to keep residents informed about any temporary changes or inconveniences.

The village of Woldingham is known for its scenic beauty and natural surroundings. Recognising the importance of environmental preservation, our team took great care to minimise any negative impact on the local ecosystem. We conducted thorough environmental assessments before commencing the project, ensuring compliance with regulations and implementing measures to protect nearby habitats, trees, and water sources.