Kane Construction

Brockham Porcelain Paving installation

This groundworks project transformed a back garden and steps, creating a modern and elegant outdoor space. Careful consideration was given to reusing existing materials, ensuring proper drainage with a subtle channel system, and achieving a perfect finish using meticulous installation techniques. 

Porcelain Paving installation

Scope of Work

Removing Pre-existing Slabs: Taking up York stone and saving to be repurposed by the client

Excavating area: We removed the pre-existing mortar bed and dug down to the appropriate level using a mini digger.

Spread and compact sub-base: We built up approximately 100 mm of MOT type 1 to get up to the appropriate level and compacted several times.

Drainage Installation: We installed a Brickslot ACO channel, this works well as a subtle drainage option that’s perfect for modern surfaces.

Installation of Porcelain Paving: We used a strong mix of mortar and painted the back of the slabs with a slurry mix to ensure a strong bond to the bed. While using a string line and level to get the appropriate fall.


The porcelain back garden and step paving project presented us with a few challenges. First, carefully removing the pre-existing York stones for reuse required extra effort compared to simply discarding them. Second, excavating the area and building a new sub-base with MOT type 1 added complexity, especially when the groundwork was uneven. Finally, integrating a discreet Brickslot ACO channel for drainage demands more expertise than a simpler solution.


The team successfully addressed these challenges through their detailed approach. The team likely used specialised tools to carefully remove the York stones. A mini digger would have efficiently removed the existing mortar bed and levelled the ground for the new sub-base. Finally, their use of the Brickslot ACO channel showcased their expertise in incorporating modern drainage solutions.


We managed to achieve a result that the client is very pleased with. The drainage solution prevented any water from settling. Replacing the old uneven slabs with a level modern porcelain solution complements the properties’ aesthetic and provides a safe, level surface for his family to enjoy.