Kane Construction

David Lloyd Clubs – Purley

At Kane Construction Services, we are pleased to have successfully completed the groundwork for a new outdoor pool area. Our experienced team worked throughout the full duration of the project to deliver great results for our clients’ DDI Projects. This modern pool facility will enhance the leisure centre’s offerings, providing members with a space for relaxation, exercise classes, and swimming lessons.
commercial groundwork

Scope of Work

Excavation and Waste Removal: Our team excavated the existing tennis court using our 13-tonne excavator, carefully removing and separating all waste materials for proper disposal.

Pool Area Excavation: Following the removal of the tennis court, precise excavation was undertaken to create the designated pool area.

Timber Fence Installation: A sturdy and stylish timber fence was installed to border the area.

Drainage Installation: A comprehensive drainage system was implemented to ensure proper water management around the pool.

Poolside Paving: The pool area was finished with high-quality paving, creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing space.

Pool Base Concreting: Our skilled team installed and secured concrete formwork (shuttering) to create the precise shape and dimensions of the pool. Following concrete pouring, detailed finishing techniques were employed to ensure a smooth, durable, and aesthetically pleasing pool surface.


Converting a space within an operational leisure centre into a functional outdoor pool area presented us with some challenges. Ensuring patron safety was very important, requiring detailed management of the construction zone. Minimising disruption meant clear signage, designated walkways, and effective dust control measures.  Achieving precise excavation depths for the pool structure demanded skilled operation of advanced surveying equipment.  Furthermore, existing utilities like electrical lines and water pipes buried beneath the leisure centre posed a hidden challenge.  Thorough utility surveys and collaboration with the leisure centre and utility companies were important to avoid disruptions during excavation.  Finally, mitigating the environmental impact of the project necessitated implementing dust suppression measures, noise control strategies, and a plan for waste disposal.


Despite the challenges, our experience and commitment to quality ensured a successful project. Clear communication with the leisure centre staff kept operations running smoothly, while safety protocols and signage prioritised patron wellbeing. Highly skilled operators used advanced surveying equipment to achieve precise excavation depths, guaranteeing a stable foundation for the pool. Through collaboration with the leisure centre and utility companies, potential conflicts with existing utilities were identified and addressed before construction began.  Finally, a commitment to environmental responsibility ensured dust suppression, noise control, and proper waste disposal minimised the project’s impact on the surrounding area.


The final outcome of the project is a demonstration of our ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. The completed outdoor swimming pool facility is now a great addition to the leisure centre, offering patrons a modern space for both leisure and exercise. This successful project demonstrates our expertise in groundworks for leisure and recreational facilities, ensuring functionality and aesthetics while meeting the specific needs of our clients.