Kane Construction

Resin Driveway Kingswood

We successfully executed this Kingswood project by delivering a resin driveway that integrates a light grey resin centre, bordered by a darker resin and framed with granite sets. The process started with the excavation of the existing driveway, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability by recycling concrete, which was later crushed and repurposed as hardcore material. Our skilled digger operators dug down 300mm from the final finish level. To ensure long-term stability, the excavated area was compacted using a trench wacker, creating a robust foundation resistant to future sinking issues.

Attention to detail was paramount as we elevated the manholes to match the final finish level. We incorporated a border made of granite sets, laid in a mix of ballast and cement. Careful consideration was given to ensure an adequate fall, preventing water from settling on the driveway. The sets were pointed in for durability and a polished finish.

We then implemented a geotextile membrane, acting as a filtration mechanism, strategically placed over the prepared ground. This was followed by the application of crushed type one material, compacted multiple times using a roller, creating a solid base for the subsequent layers.

To achieve the desired surface, we applied a 14mm porous close-graded surface course macadam with a depth of 50mm. The on-site mixing of resin and the use of floats ensured a seamless and level application, achieving the perfect finish for our discerning client. Our dedication to precision and quality craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this project, resulting in a stunning and durable resin driveway.