Kane Construction

Typical Tarmac Surfacing Application Methods

This is the top layer that drivers come into direct contact with. It’s typically made of a fine-grained asphalt mix designed for smoothness, skid resistance, and weatherproofing.

Binder Course

The binder course sits below the surface course and provides structural support. It’s composed of a coarser asphalt mix with larger aggregate stones for increased strength and stability.

Base Course

This layer forms the foundation for the upper pavement structure. It’s often made of crushed rock compacted to a high density to distribute weight and prevent cracking in the overlying layers.

Subbase Course

The subbase course provides additional support and drainage below the base course. It can be constructed from various materials like recycled materials, crushed rock, or even a specific engineered soil mix depending on the project’s needs.

Compacted Subgrade

This is the very bottom layer, prepared by compacting the natural soil on-site to ensure a stable and level base for the entire pavement structure.